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Construction Contracts

Construction contracts are an important part of a construction project. Unfortunately, in construction law there are often disputes over the scope of work, material specifications, change orders, the quality of the work performed, and money not paid. If there is a dispute, the contract will largely determine each party’s rights, responsibilities, and who will bear the loss. Therefore, it is critically important to hire professional Denver construction attorneys who specialize in litigation, contracts, and applicable laws and have a well-drafted contract that protects your rights in the event of a dispute.


For contractors, our Denver construction attorneys draft and revise contracts with property owners, subcontractors, and for the sale of single family houses. We will draft a prevailing party attorney’s fee clause for the court to award you attorney’s fees in the event of any construction litigation. We will ensure that your liability for consequential and exemplary damages is waived. We will specify what insurance subcontractors must have to protect you from claims for construction defects and bodily injury. We also draft mechanic’s lien waivers for subcontractors and material suppliers.

Whether  you need an existing construction contract revised or a new contract written, our Denver construction law experts will draft a construction contract that protects your interests.


It is important to level the playing field because contracts that favor either party are more likely to produce disputes.  Our Denver construction attorney will review contracts from contractors, negotiate revisions and  create a contract understood by everyone, in clear and straightforward language that precisely describes the scope of work—to ensure both parties agree upon the work to be done.  We will make sure you do not assume unnecessary risks by advocating for such contract inclusions as lien waivers  and indemnification clauses.  Lien waivers may prevent the recording of mechanic’s liens against your home.  An indemnification clause may protect you from liability if a worker is injured at your home.  We’ll guide you through the construction minefield to avoid the war stories from homeowners who thought “I can do this” or “It won’t happen to me.” Without proper advice from an experienced construction lawyer, sadly bad outcomes occur all too often.


This may be the most important step for the successful completion of your building project in terms of construction law. In many instances a small initial investment in legal services will save you from enormous costs and problems in the future.  We’ll review and revise your existing construction contract or draft a new contract if necessary, and we’ll provide you with a clear explanation of that contract to assure your understanding. After this pre-construction consultation you will have a construction contract that protects your interests, you’ll understand it’s important provisions to avoid Denver litigation, and you will know  what to pay attention to during construction.

Real comments from real clients: “Easy to work with … attentive … real easy in terms of relationship … great job on contract … very professional … very thorough … price was reasonable … wouldn’t be on clock every time …. right on the mark with his analysis … forthright … expertise … detail oriented … focused … capable … available to lend a hand.”

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