Real Estate Law
Real Estate – Ensuring that you do not make any mistakes in commercial or residential transactions

Real Estate Law

The Silver Law Firm, LLC in Colorado delivers value by providing highly skilled, yet cost-effective representation for all types of commercial and residential real estate law and transactions. Because our Denver real estate lawyers experience in investments allows us to quickly understand real estate and title issues we’ll help you avoid legal issues that can arise during the course of a real estate transaction.   During contract negotiations, we often see and resolve potential problems before the contract is signed.  We immerse ourselves in the details of each transaction with the goal of always making the deal happen.  Well versed in the complexities of real estate contracts, due diligence, surveys, title review, title insurance, easements, and financing, we’ll make sure you understand the closing documents and that they are accurate.  By thorough due diligence and attention to detail, we’ll make sure you avoid costly mistakes and that your transaction closes smoothly.


We represent clients in all aspects of commercial real estate law.  These include initial negotiation, contract drafting, financing, inspection issues, title review, title insurance, easements, closing the transaction, and post-closing issues.  Our Denver real estate lawyers handle a wide variety of investment transactions, such as the purchase and sale of undeveloped land, strip malls and shopping centers, office buildings, and senior living facilities.


We represent clients in negotiating commercial leases.  We have a comprehensive understanding of the terms that can and do appear in leases, and how to ensure that our clients’ interests are best protected.  We advise our clients about possible issues that might arise under the terms of a proposed lease.  We handle all matters from negotiation and drafting of leases to their execution—emphasizing protecting the clients’ interests and preventing later lease disputes.  If lease disputes do arise, we work diligently to resolve them in a way that best protects client rights.  Such disputes may include unpaid rent, CAM charges, security deposits, tenant improvements, lease violations, and evictions.


We represent sellers in For Sale by Owner (FSBO) transactions.  In FSBO, sellers save money by not paying for a real estate agent to represent them.  We protect the clients’ legal interests and maximize the amount received at closing.  Our Denver real estate lawyers handle such details as:
• Reviewing the buyer’s contract, explaining the contract’s terms, and discussing revisions to the contract to protect the clients’ interests
• Drafting counteroffers
• Negotiating with opposing counsel or the buyer’s real estate agent
• Title insurance
• Lead paint and other disclosures
• Buyer’s inspection objections
• Ensuring the closing documents are correct and reviewing them with the client
• Attending the closing

The Silver Law Firm, LLC real estate lawyers offer flat-rate legal fees for many real estate transactions, including investments and leases, providing predictability upfront.

Real comments from real clients: “Easy to work with … attentive … real easy in terms of relationship … great job on contract … very professional … very thorough … price was reasonable … wouldn’t be on clock every time …. right on the mark with his analysis … forthright … expertise … detail oriented … focused … capable … available to lend a hand.”

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