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John and Carol Plog/Client

“Before you sign any real estate contract, have Nathan review it and give his o.k. He is the best! … Nathan Silver cares about his clients and helps them to make the right decision. Nathan’s fees for services are reasonable. His focus is not on the fee but a good and satisfied client relationship. He ‘kept us on the straight and narrow.’

“Everything is done in a timely manner. The quality of Nathan’s work is A PLUS. He is a perfectionist and his work shows he puts all of his energy into an accurate and professional document. He has many years of experience in real estate law and he makes no mistakes.
“Nathan’s performance, precision, knowledge of the subject to achieve the desired results was exemplary. He took the time to explain the ramifications, both negative and positive.”

Services Provided/Outcomes Achieved


“We have known Nathan Silver since December 2013 when we had a legal problem with a purchase agreement we signed for a new home to be built in Longmont, Colorado. We were referred to Nathan by our estate planning attorney … We have had a lot of good experience with him and have completed several real estate matters. Nathan has:

• Written a letter to the Builders which resulted in the cancellation of a Purchase Agreement and the return of our entire earnest money deposit.

• Reviewed documents for the sale of investment property in Denver and brought the matter to a successful closing.

• Reviewed documents for the purchase of a home in Longmont, Colorado (another investment property to replace the Denver investment property). This resulted in a successful closing.

• Gave us good advice about buying a time-share property.”

Nick Nunns, Proprietor, TRVE Brewing Co./Client

“Nathan helped me throughout the negotiation process of our new lease, even going so far as to attend meetings with the brokers…His attention to detail made me extremely confident that the contract we negotiated would be equally beneficial to all parties…The most reassuring thing about working with Nathan is that he presents himself as a trustworthy ally for your cause…any brewer — or for that matter, any small business owner — should get in touch with Nathan should they have any need for legal advice.”

Dr. Phillip Herschberger D.C./Client

“Nathan set up my business and looked over my lease. He’s upfront, and provides timely response and fair pricing. He gets back to you really quickly and he’s easy to get hold of. And, he’s nice to work with.

“I was comfortable, knowing he had my best interest in mind. He protected me from issues that would cost me a lot of money. He found some pretty significant issues on the lease that otherwise probably would have been overlooked – such as if I leave the location, being required to do all teardown at my expense. There were a few other items, such as liability issues and an HVAC issue that would have cost me a lot of money. Without consulting with him, these items would have been overlooked. Nathan was willing to work within a budget, saving me money along the way.”

Honor Schoech, MD, CEO and Founder, MediPro Solutions/Client

“He was easy to work with, very attentive, available anytime. He did a great job on a contract. His price was reasonable. If I had something to ask him, he wouldn’t be on the clock every time. He was very thorough.”

Rose Marie Zapor,  Mediator, Elder Law/Colleague

“Nathan recently provided me with insight on a tough real estate case. He was thorough, professional and right on the mark with his analysis. He did additional research and met with the client at my office. I was impressed by his forthright, but very gentle, discussion with my client and can highly recommend him for his expertise and his professionalism.”

Susan Lewis, Paralegal/Former Associate

“Nathan is one of the most detail oriented, focused, and capabile attorneys I have ever worked with. He has detailed knowledge in many aspects of law and is always ready and available to lend a hand to those with whom he works.”

Real comments from real clients: “Easy to work with … attentive … real easy in terms of relationship … great job on contract … very professional … very thorough … price was reasonable … wouldn’t be on clock every time …. right on the mark with his analysis … forthright … expertise … detail oriented … focused … capable … available to lend a hand.”

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